We’re Only Human is a podcast of conversations with extraordinary people that explore why we are who we are.

Season 1 premiered in 2019 to celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit and explore topics including imposter syndrome, breaking free from the script, living with intention, boundaries with family, and the fact that we’re all just making it up as we go along.

Season 2 premiered in 2022 and explores the ways in which we identify who we are by asking each guest: If someone asked you the question “Who are you”, what would you say?

We’re not perfect. We’re not alone. We’re only human.

Tim Jahn

Hi! I’m Tim. I’m a father, son, brother, friend, and storyteller.

I created We’re Only Human to explore the messiness of being human through conversations with people from all walks of life.

Prior to starting We’re Only Human, I interviewed over 200 creative entrepreneurs from around the world to learn how they overcame obstacles and failures on their journey to success. I’ve also produced and hosted dozens of storytelling events for people from all walks of life to share their stories of struggle, growth, and awakening.

“This podcast is real. Tim helps people feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing real stories and emotions. I find myself glued to each episode.”

“It feels very warm and inviting in a situation that can be really vulnerable for people. I applaud you for doing this and surfacing it and helping people feel comfortable in those moments where they are probably the most vulnerable. I think that’s a really hard thing to create and you’ve done it well.”

“You’re a masterful interviewer and you made a very difficult topic a wonderful conversation. I hope others enjoy this half as much as I did.”

“I am absolutely blown away by Tim’s talent, dedication and empathy as an interviewer & host. I’m a former journalist and find him to be the most talented interviewer I’ve ever met. He has a unique ability to make his guests comfortable sharing their stories while leading them through some of the most intimate or difficult topics. And the conversation flows so organically, thanks to his empathy, humor, vulnerability and meticulous research of each guest.”

“This was one of my favorite interviews to date, Tim! Thanks for the opportunity to share a part of my story that most people don’t ask about.”

“Thank you for providing a different perspective on things that hadn’t even crossed my mind. This was a great conversation.”

“You’re a very awesome interviewer. This is a great show!

“I appreciate the way that you are connecting with people who are willing to get vulnerable and to share. Please keep doing this because you’ve got someone who is really enjoying the conversations you’re having and your approach to people. It’s really spectacular.”

So inspired by your work on this, Tim. Keep it coming.”