If someone asked you the question “Who are you”, what would you say?

We’re Only Human is a podcast of conversations with extraordinary people that explore why we are who we are.

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“This podcast is real. Tim helps people feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing real stories and emotions. I find myself glued to each episode.”

“I applaud you for doing this and helping people feel comfortable in those moments where they are probably the most vulnerable. I think that’s a really hard thing to create and you’ve done it well.”

“I appreciate the way that you are connecting with people who are willing to get vulnerable and to share. Please keep doing this because you’ve got someone who is really enjoying the conversations you’re having and your approach to people. It’s really spectacular.”

“I am absolutely blown away by Tim’s talent, dedication and empathy as an interviewer & host. I’m a former journalist and find him to be the most talented interviewer I’ve ever met. He has a unique ability to make his guests comfortable sharing their stories while leading them through some of the most intimate or difficult topics.”

“Thank you for providing a different perspective on things that hadn’t even crossed my mind. This was a great conversation.”