Annie Clements: Trust That Things In Life Happen To Create Opportunities For You

Annie Clements is a touring bassist and self described sideman who toured with country music band Sugarland for 6 years and is currently supporting country artist Maren Morris. She started dating her husband while touring with Sugarland (he was the guitarist) and they got married during the tour.

Then Sugarland stopped touring, and Annie and her husband were suddenly left wondering who they were off the road and what their relationship looked like without the tour. 
 In this episode, we chat about:

  • Trusting in the various events that happen in your life
  • The parts of being on tour with rockstars that aren’t so glamorous
  • The challenges she and her husband faced when they started life together post-tour
  • How the current COVID pandemic has given Annie an unexpected gift 
  • Working through the transformation of becoming a mother
  • The crucial ways that she and her husband support each other
  • How important family is to Annie and the role models her divorced parents have been in her life
  • How she learned early on she wanted to be a “sideman”
  • Her engagement and wedding stories

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