Greg Spero: Is This A Curse Or A Blessing?

Greg Spero is an entrepreneur and professional pianist who toured with pop star Halsey, designing and performing all the synthesizer and keyboard parts for her live shows. In January 2018, on the same day he performed with Halsey on Saturday Night Live, he announced he would be leaving the group.

I invited Greg to chat because I had to know: why in the world did he decide to quit a dream job where he was paid well to tour with a world-renowned pop star?

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why Greg recommends everybody live with their grandparents at some point in their lives
  • Playing in jazz bands with his dad in bars at age 14
  • His habit of creating demand for projects, getting overwhelmed, and having to ask for help
  • Reasons he decided to give up his well paid role with Halsey
  • The struggle throughout his life on whether he should focus his efforts on being a tech entrepreneur or a professional musician
  • Principles he learned from his grandfather’s generation
  • Unlikely events that keep showing up in his life
  • The understanding of himself that came from his engagement that fell through
  • Why he practices Buddhism
  • His firm belief in starting every day with journaling, reading, meditation, yoga, and affirmations
  • How our body communicates physically to us what the mind is feeling