Jackie Ghedine: What To Do When Your Goalposts Move

Jackie Ghedine is the co-founder of The Resting Mind, an online community and coaching company for Gen X women, and host of the Make Your Life Magnificent podcast. 

In a previous life, Jackie worked for global media brand Ad Age, working for years to rise in the ranks from sales to associate publisher. And then one day, she left it all behind.

I invited Jackie on the podcast to learn what changed in her life to make her decide to leave it all behind and take a different path.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why we think our identities shouldn’t be tied to our professions
  • Jackie’s choice as an adopted child to not know who her biological parents are
  • Why she left such a great job at Ad Age 
  • How her daughter’s ADHD has affected Jackie and her family’s life
  • What life coaching really is and Jackie’s scientific approach to it
  • How Jackie and her husband value money, and what that meant for their lifestyle when Jackie switched careers
  • How we’re both dealing with COVID-19 and the current lifestyle changes

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