Kat Elizabeth: There’s Always Something On The Other Side Of Obstacles

Kat Elizabeth is the creator of The Personal Branding Project, a company that coaches professionals to increase their visibility and authority online. She’s an actor and musical theater performer, having performed in the original Australian productions of Jersey Boys and Hairspray, as well as countless other theater productions, films, and TV shows. 

One day she realized her dream job of being an actor may actually be less of a dream job and more of a regular day job. She struggled with her identity being wrapped up in her acting and if she wasn’t acting, then who was she?

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Kat felt when her identity was wrapped up in her acting
  • Her first attempts to transition out of full time acting
  • How reading the book Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk helped her launch The Personal Branding Project
  • Why personal brands are so important for all of us, not just actors
  • How to be aware of our thoughts and our power to change them
  • Knowing that our feelings are controlled by your thoughts
  • The act of journaling and the benefits of it
  • Reframing thoughts to be positive
  • How so many things Kat has achieved happened in the process of her not achieving the original thing she wanted

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