Jill Felska: If You’re Not Learning, What’s The Point?

“I was taking these hip hop dance classes. And I was in this room with all these people who clearly danced when they were younger, which I did not in any sort of group coordinated way. And I was struggling, and I just kept looking around and feeling immense, like shame, almost of like, why can’t I pick these steps up like everybody else is getting it. And it was like, this total moment of uncomfortable, just my whole body wanted to just hide, and I left and got in my car and was like, man, it is so important that I do this outside of work still, because, it’s okay to be a beginner. And for some reason, my perfectionism kicked in, and it was like, Jill, no one in this room cares whether or not you got the steps down. But for some reason, that’s all I could think about in my head in that exact moment. And it just kind of re-centered for me, seeking out those moments of being uncomfortable is important.”

– Jill Felska

Jill Felska is an eternal optimist. Her glass is always half full and her smile never leaves her face. She’s on a lifelong mission to create positive change in this world, and any obstacle that gets in the way is an opportunity.

At least, that’s how I would describe Jill.

When I asked Jill how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about how her discovery that she is queer has affected her relationship with her pastor dad, the importance of seeking out uncomfortable moments in our lives, and the pressure to play the role of the positive, happy person for those around us.

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