Katie Parsons: Sometimes It’s More Beautiful Right Before The Sunrise

“Another thing I tell people, and I try to take pictures of this too, is sometimes it’s more beautiful right before the sunrise. Like the 10 minutes before the sunrise, it’s amazing, the sky will look completely different than when the little bit of sun starts to come out. It’s not dark, it’s light. But there’s no sun yet that you can see. And some of those pictures are the most beautiful. So if you kind of extrapolate that to what that means in life, right? Like sometimes, something beautiful happens before you get to that end goal, whatever that end goal is. Maybe for me, it’s getting the sunrise. But in the journey to seeing that day’s sunrise, I saw something even more beautiful. And that’s really a takeaway that I get from doing that.”

– Katie Parsons

Katie Parsons has the ability to manifest into reality the life she wants to live. Through hard work and non stop persistence, she became a paid performer and fulfilled her dream of getting paid to do what she loves. 

At least, that’s how I would describe Katie.

When I asked Katie how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about how she has been affected by her moms Alzheimer’s diagnosis, why she tries to see the sunrise in person as many days as she can, and how envisioning her face inside a Playbill helped her get paid to do something she loves.

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