Stella Garber: We’re Capable Of More Than We Think

I think I just follow my curiosity and try to lean into it. There’s also like, recognizing that like, I think about when I went to business school, and I went to the University of Chicago for business school. And it is known for being really challenging from like, math from a quantitative standpoint, and I am not the strongest quantitatively. So I was like, okay, you know what, I’m going to do that because it’s terrifying. And I did it and I survived and I did an okay job. And it’s a nice reminder of, well, that was a time where I was terrified, but it turned out okay. We’re capable of more than we think.

– Stella Garber

Stella Garber believes in direct, honest communication, and is not afraid to jump into the unknown. She has a passion for empowering women and supports women every chance she gets.

At least, that’s how I would describe Stella.

When I asked Stella how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about how becoming a parent has taught her empathy and patience, why she loves that her friends have no idea what she does for work, and the enormous benefit of viewing other people as the humans they really are.

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