David Spinks: I Don’t Have A Lot Of Complaints

“When I was really young, there was a science competition in our hometown. And there was a girl who won that competition who made a device for blind people to be able to put dollar bills into the device and it would say out loud what it is, if it’s $1, $5, $20. It was really incredible, especially at the time. I just like, I don’t know, that always stuck with me and just I was like, wow, like one day I want to be an inventor, like a creator, a builder, and help people. And while I didn’t end up, you know, building physical things, I do think that energy is what has driven me to build things like CMX and community in a different way. So yeah, honestly, I’m proud of where I’m at and what I’ve accomplished. And I have a beautiful family, great friends. I don’t have a lot of complaints.”

– David Spinks

David Spinks has been building communities for decades in many areas of his life. He’s a natural at it. You put him at a dinner and he will find those who need to connect and make it happen. At his heart, he loves humanity and strives to make a positive impact on us all each and every day.

At least, that’s how I would describe David.

When I asked David how he would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about why he fell down at an ice skating rink to propose to his wife, what he learned from his dad selling stuffed animals, and the surprising role becoming a father has played in his own life.

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