Lauren Hlavin: I’m So Glad I Listened To Myself

“I think I had been living for others for quite a long time. And so this decision to like, move and start to chase down and ask myself who I am and what makes me happy, it was kind of a new concept, foreign territory for me. And so when I made the decision to move, I felt like I regained the sense of confidence. And I just said, alright we’re doing it. And every time, if someone were to ask her my address, or if I’m filling out something for work, and I get to write down Raleigh, North Carolina, it is like full body chills. And I just can’t believe that I’m here. What a cool feeling. I hope that in some way, shape or form, everyone gets to experience that feeling of it’s just right with your soul. It just feels good. I’m just so glad that I listened to myself. I listened to my gut and I said, okay, this is your life, you get one life, and you’re in control of the wheel now, so go, so just try it out. And it’s okay if you’re wrong.”

– Lauren Hlavin

Lauren Hlavin always has a big smile on her face. She lights up every room she enters. She has embarked on a never ending journey to grow as a person and to discover everything she can about the world around her. 

At least, that’s how I would describe Lauren.

When I asked Lauren how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about why she suddenly moved across the country, the talk about helping homeless people she hopes to give one day on the TED stage, and John Mayer’s hit song “No Such Thing”.

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