Trinity Malito: Find The Pieces That Give You Fulfillment

Find the pieces that really just give you fulfillment. That you close out the day, the project, the whatever you’re doing, whether it’s in work or life, and you go, I love that I did that. I’m so proud of that, or that was a good day, and find those things. And then just make space for those things, protect those things, make sure that you’re consistently getting to do them on whatever it is, daily, weekly, monthly. Instead of just forcing yourself to be great at something, or I HAVE to do it all, or I HAVE to be good at this.”

– Trinity Malito

Trinity Malito loves helping others. With a smile ever present on her face, she’s happy to help at a moment’s notice. And she loves games. She has a huge passion for games. Really, she has a passion for life and finding the moments, the people, and the activities that truly fulfill her.

At least, that’s how I would describe Trinity.

When I asked Trinity how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about the impact of her ADHD diagnosis later in life, our mutual dislike of mail (it’s the worst!), and why she never pursued the life of an opera singer despite her 9 years of professional training.

Trinity Malito

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