Carla Stickler: Every Hill You Climb Is The Bottom Of Another Hill

Every hill that you climb is the bottom of another hill. Every mountain you climb, you look up and there’s another mountain. And so every achievement you get, especially like a performer, there’s always this feeling of oh, well, I can get higher, there’s somebody else who’s up there, I gotta get to their level and then as soon as you get there, there’s somebody else up there. I gotta get to their level, right? I want to stop comparing myself to everyone else that has other things. So I’m really trying to just focus on what I have and what I’ve achieved, and how I feel about it. And then what else I can do that is unique to me and really fits like my narrative of what I want to do. And having a Wikipedia page, it’s weird. I’m not gonna lie. When my husband and I met, the first thing he said to me the next day was, do you have a Wikipedia page? He was like, I was Googling you, you have really good Google presence, but like you also have a Wikipedia page. And I was like, yeah, it’s weird. For the longest time, it said I grew up in California, which is not true. I grew up in Oak Park.”

– Carla Stickler

Carla Stickler left her life as a Broadway performer for the better part of a decade to become a software engineer. And then one day Broadway called and asked if she could perform the role of Elphaba in Wicked for a weekend.

Carla is exactly the type of person who would say yes. She’s someone who adapts, who rolls with it, and who is loyal and reliable. 

At least, that’s how I would describe Carla.

When I asked Carla how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about why she answered the call to perform back on the Broadway stage for a weekend, why Tom Hanks wants to be Tom Cruise, and why having a Wikipedia page is weird.

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