Tracey Wallace: Never Forget Where You Came From

“In 6th grade, we moved into my grandparents home. Both of them had passed, and my grandparents home, they had built, and my mother had grown up in it as well. So we’ve been having Christmases in that house for like 60 plus years. It’s like a very special family home. But there’s this one picture in that house that has not ever moved, it hangs in the kitchen. It’s this old black and white picture of the house that my grandfather grew up in. It was him and five siblings, and his parents. It was in North Texas, of a rundown shack, very small, he slept out on the porch. He always liked to remind us and when he was alive, he used that picture as a way to remind all of his grandkids, probably his own children, to never forget where you came from. He was very much a man who thought that nobody was above doing the dirtiest or lowliest of work, that nobody was better than anybody else. That you had the ability to impact your own path and future, but that it was never in your right to be mean to others, to disregard others. I love that picture, I think of that picture a lot.”

– Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace welcomes the obstacles that life throws her way. She’s a natural writer with a knack for storytelling, and a cheerful, glass half full person who can make anyone in the room feel comfortable. 

At least, that’s how I would describe Tracey.

When I asked Tracey how she would answer the question “who are you”, we chatted about how growing up in a small town in Texas has shaped who she is today, her involvement in her wife’s sketch comedy group videos, and how boredom led to her passion for writing.

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