Allie Siarto: Why Does It Have To Only Be A Dream?

“In the Midwest, the dead of winter, you’re just like, ugh, it’s winter. Let’s dream of other things! We were at the Children’s Museum, and I think my sister was with us. And we were just talking about like, wouldn’t it be great someday to have a sailboat? Somehow in that conversation it came up, oh, we’ll do that someday. And I think my sister was like, why don’t you look into it now? What’s to stop you? So it was just this like realization this one day where in having a conversation about dreaming, we were like, but can we just do that now? Maybe we could. And then it was just a matter of running the numbers. And as long as we can make it work, we’re like, okay, let’s give it a go. So it just kind of came out of like a dream that we were like, well, why does it have to only be a dream? Like, can it just be a thing that we actually make happen?

– Allie Siarto

Allie Siarto has figured life out. She knows what success means to her and has figured out how to transform her dreams into reality. She understands there is a lesson to be learned in each season of life and wants to help those she meets along the way. 

At least, that’s how I describe Allie.

When I asked Allie how she would answer the question “Who are you”, we talked about how success means more to her than money, why she lives her life as a series of experiments and hypotheses, and how she developed a love for sailing.

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