Amie Heeter: What Makes You Come Alive?

In 2017, Amie Heeter and her family embarked on a year long journey that she calls a radical sabbatical. They sold their house, quit their jobs, took their kids out of school, and hit the road in a camper trailer.

They wanted to relieve burnout, evaluate if they wanted to move to the family farm, and reconnect with nature. Amie paused her life in a seemingly extreme way, but she reminds us that even the smallest intentional pause can help us feel more alive.

In this episode, Amie Heeter and I chat about:

  • The 3 main reasons she and her family took a radical sabbatical
  • The lessons she learned in her time working at Isle Royale National Park
  • Showing her children the importance of being immersed in nature and connected to this planet
  • Reorienting her relationship with time
  • Intentionally leaning into discomfort
  • The various ways she has come alive in her life
  • How becoming a mother affected her
  • What hanging out with people older than her has taught her 
  • The importance of fresh air baths

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