Angie Cole: I’m Living A Life Beyond My Wildest Imagination

When she was nine years old, Angie Cole wrote a letter to her pen pal expressing her fear that she would never leave her small hometown and never get to travel.

Today, Angie travels the world living a nomadic life. She helps people who have been following the rules and realized that’s not working for them. People who have always been told to live life a certain way to be successful.

Angie discovered at an early age that the rules were never meant for her. That realization led her on a path to live a life beyond her wildest imagination. A life her nine year-old self could never have fathomed when she wrote that letter to her pen pal.

In this episode, Angie Cole and I discuss:

  • When she realized the rules aren’t meant for us
  • How she deals with the chaos in her life
  • Why we are all so desperately trying to achieve the hot tub
  • How she created conditions to hear herself and what she wanted her life to be
  • The ways in which fear and desire are two sides of the same coin
  • How she conquered the fear of never leaving her small town as a child
  • What home looks like for her as she lives a nomadic lifestyle

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