Aubyn Casady: We Are The Soundtrack To The Best Day Of Your Life

On an average Saturday night, you’ll find Aubyn Casady on stage performing the perfect soundtrack to the biggest night of a couple’s life: their wedding.

She’s the leader and singer of the Chicago wedding band Rush Street Rhythm. What started as a side hustle is now Aubyn’s endgame.

And you only need to hear her belt out a bar from a classic pop punk song to understand why: she’s a top notch singer.

Aubyn spent her 20s touring the midwest with her pop punk band Farraday. She was never in it to get famous though.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Aubyn and her husband intentionally worked to prioritize their marriage when they had twins
  • Why she didn’t become a teacher, despite earning a masters in education
  • The ways she has surrounded herself with family without going too Everybody Loves Raymond
  • How her experience with the American education system has changed her perspective on her daughter’s future education
  • Why she loves recording her music in the studio even more than live performances
  • How nervous she was auditioning at her first wedding
  • The big lessons she’s learned so far from having twins
  • How a new part of your brain awakens when you become a parent
  • What exactly enneagram is and what it means to Aubyn

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