Bridget Poetker: I’m So Proud Of Myself

From moving in with a roommate for the first time in years to spending a weekend alone in a treehouse with a hot tub, Bridget Poetker experienced a lot of change in 2020.

As hard as 2020 was, she has never been more proud of herself for how much she grew as a person that year.

In this episode, Bridget Poetker and I discuss:

  • Why she’s not inspired by people who have been in the same career for 30 years
  • How Bridget decides who she wants to be a part of her life
  • How she learned that being alone is good and ok
  • Why she stayed in a treehouse with a hot tub by herself for a weekend after getting laid off
  • The various ways she grew as a person in 2020
  • The importance of actions over words

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