Bruce Ackerman: What Is The Impact You Want To Make?

Bruce Ackerman devoted six years of nights and weekends to building his software company Printavo before he began full time work on it. He’s on a mission to push his industry forward and grow custom apparel shops along the way.

He sometimes still can’t believe he’s living his passion every single day now, remembering how he ran his own custom apparel shop in college.

Bruce isn’t afraid to make significant sacrifices along his journey. He always thinks back to his guiding question: what is the impact you want to make?

In this episode, Bruce Ackerman and I discuss:

  • The anxiety that 2020 brought
  • Why Bruce is okay chasing more, better, faster
  • How working on Printavo nights and weekends for 6 years has shaped who he is as a person
  • Where he got the entrepreneurial bug from
  • How being an entrepreneur affects his relationship with his wife
  • Why he didn’t tell his parents about his business for the longest time

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