Caity Rose: If We Want Life To Be Different, We Have To Make Different Choices

Caity Rose and her husband were ready to purchase their first home in 2020. But when COVID-19 hit, she realized there was now an opportunity to be more intentional about how they lived the next chapter of their lives.

One Sunday, her husband suggested they forgo buying a house and instead buy an Airstream trailer to travel the country in. Four days later, they signed the paperwork and were the proud new owners of an Airstream trailer.

Caity and her husband packed their lives into the trailer, bought a truck to pull it, and hit the road two months later.

In the time since, Caity has gained newfound perspectives on what really matters to her and how to truly be intentional about how she lives her life.

In this episode, Caity Rose and I chat about:

  • The inspiration for her and her husband buying an Airstream and traveling the country
  • Why she felt it was time to be more intentional with choices in life
  • How this journey is going to change the direction of her life in the future
  • The biggest obstacles she’s run into on this journey so far
  • How her perspective on sunrises and sunsets has changed
  • What boondocking is and why Caity wants to do more of it
  • How being a problem solver makes this lifestyle suit Caity and her husband well

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