Claire Sellers: Chasing More, Better, Faster Has Stolen Our Joy And Peace

Claire Sellers and I have something in common: we’re always chasing the next thing.

She calls it More, Better, Faster Syndrome. And she feels it’s one of the greatest thieves of true joy and peace in our lives.

Claire’s dream was to make six figures and live in a nice apartment with a dishwasher. But once she achieved that dream, she realized she didn’t feel fulfilled. 

Chasing after more, better, faster hadn’t helped her find joy and peace in her life. Instead, the joy and peace were ripped away.

Claire Sellers is a life and leadership coach who helps people go from where they are now to where they want to be in their careers, relationships, and other parts of life.

In this episode, Claire and I chat about:

  • Techniques for overcoming More, Better, Faster Syndrome
  • The 2 key questions Claire asks herself every day 
  • How Claire’s entrepreneurial parents inspired her
  • When and how she realized she was a great leader
  • What fulfills Claire about being a great leader
  • The power of enneagrams
  • Why she was excited to celebrate her birthday this year for the first time, when she has dreaded it in past years
  • Her first time eating alone while traveling
  • Where she finds the strength to intentionally face discomfort head on

Follow Claire on Instagram at @claire_penelope or visit her website for more info on her coaching programs.

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