Deborah Gilboa: Use The Change You Experience To Become The Person You Want To Be

Before Dr. Deborah Gilboa (aka, Dr. G) became a doctor, she was a performer and stage manager at world-renowned comedy institution Second City.

But one day, she felt like she wasn’t earning her oxygen. She yearned to make a bigger contribution to solving the problems of the world.

She thought she wanted to fix people.

Today Dr. G is a practicing physician and sought after expert on resilience. Her journey is living proof of her belief that resilience isn’t about bouncing back: resilience is about incorporating the change you experience and using it to become the person you want to be.

In this episode, Dr. G and I chat about:

  • Why she didn’t feel like she was making a big contribution to solving the problems of the world
  • Her unconventional path to becoming a doctor
  • What she learned about herself from going to summer camp
  • How her parents inspired her to study resilience
  • The dangers of labeling people as sensitive
  • Why it takes 72 small disappointments build resilience 
  • Why she is less impressed with herself today

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