Emily Drake: Who Am I?

Emily Drake left her career in public relations without a plan. She hit her bottom emotionally and professionally in the years that followed. Despite getting paid well to do work that exercised her strengths, she felt she was climbing a ladder she never meant to climb.

She was working, but not doing her work. And she wondered…who am I?

Emily embarked on a journey to answer that question, a journey that brought answers she wasn’t expecting.

Today Emily is a licensed therapist and the owner/CEO of The Collective Academy.

In this episode, Emily Drake and I discuss:

  • Why Emily is a recovering perfectionist
  • How her family jumped in to support Emily when they saw how her job was negatively affecting her life
  • The inspiration her mom has been
  • Why she has a huge care team surrounding her, sponsor, therapist, coach
  • How she views life as a spiral staircase
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • How what we know to be true might not always be what others know to be true
  • Her positive experience with divorce

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