Emma Wolno: There’s So Much To Learn In Just Slowing Down

2020 crushed Emma Wolno‘s plans of being a digital nomad who traveled the world while growing her business. Instead, she was grounded in her hometown and forced to stay put.

That initial setback evolved into a year of life lessons that she never saw coming. She realized there is so much to learn from slowing down and immersing oneself in each day.

In this episode, Emma Wolno and I discuss:

  • The various lessons she learned from 2020
  • The twists and turns her life took after graduating university
  • Why she “did the whole move for love” thing
  • Her guiding word for 2021 and why she picked it
  • Why she considers past relationships to still be successful relationships
  • Her techniques for practicing self care
  • Why she prefers the process toward achieving goals over the goals themselves
  • What success in life means to her

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