Hannah Michelotti: We Don’t Grow If We’re Not Uncomfortable

Do you know what your life purpose is? Why you are on this planet?

Hannah Michelotti has found hers. She’s the founder of Articulate, where she helps people gain the confidence to be a successful public speaker.

Her road to finding her life purpose meant sitting in discomfort at times. She believes we don’t grow if we’re not uncomfortable.

In this episode, Hannah Michelotti and I discuss:

  • Hannah’s tips for preparing yourself to sit in discomfort
  • The windy road to how she discovered her life purpose
  • Her moms life changing advice that we should “consider the source”
  • The reasons she was taking advice from anyone early on in her life 
  • The major life event that became a lightbulb moment for her after she quit her corporate job
  • Why corporate life demands we construct a facade of ourselves to use at work
  • How Hannah yearned to be in her 30s when she was in middle school
  • How the speaking event The Moth changed it all for her
  • Why she didn’t become a school teacher
  • Why she is a sucker for a good suffer fest

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