Kari Jo Kelso: Success Looks Different To Me Now

Kari Jo Kelso was living 1,000 miles away when her mom fell ill back in her home state. She needed $600 to cover the plane ticket home every month and that was starting to add up. 

What began as an online t-shirt side hustle to pay for those plane tickets has grown into a massively popular clothing brand called Rosebud’s Tees.

Success today looks different for Kari Jo than back when she first started the business. It’s less about the financials and more about intentionally creating the life she truly wants for herself.

In this episode, Kari Jo Kelso and I discuss:

  • Where she got the drive to be an entrepreneur 
  • The 3 questions her dad had her ask herself before buying something at the store
  • How being challenge driven has benefited her
  • How training to be a veterinarian prepared her to start her own business
  • Her first side hustle selling jewelry at cattle shows and Etsy
  • How she connects personally with her customers
  • The amazing feeling as a creator when somebody buys your creation and appreciates it
  • What her legacy will be and what her impact will be

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