Kevin Raheja: We Miss What It Means To Be Human

After Kevin Raheja dropped out of the college his mother taught at, he went to Alaska in search of work on a commercial fishing boat.

He was tired of the cubicle walls surrounding him at the job he worked to pay for college. He wanted to be free, challenging himself, doing the opposite of what he was doing.

Kevin yearned to connect more with nature and experience more of what it means to be human. His journey working on the commercial fishing boat and his subsequent career managing partnerships at software companies have shown him what he’s truly capable of.

In this episode, Kevin Raheja and I discuss:

  • Why a psychology class in college forced him to realize he didn’t like the future he was heading into
  • The reasons he escaped to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat
  • Why the physical demands of crab fishing wasn’t actually the challenging part
  • The big lesson he learned from his crab fishing days
  • How his dad’s sudden death affects him each day
  • The effects living in a small village in India for 6 months during his childhood has on him
  • What micro goals and macro goals are
  • How he balances his love for the software industry with his love for connecting with nature outdoors

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