Laura Peña: Is This It?

When Laura Peña came home from her nine-to-five job one evening, she opened the door, saw her husband watching TV, and thought to herself: Is this it? Is this life? There must be more.

She felt like she was on a train going a million miles an hour. And then suddenly, she stopped and thought to herself: Is this where I’m supposed to be?

Today Laura is the founder of She Is The Universe, a global platform that inspires and empowers teenage girls around the world.

In this episode, Laura Peña and I discuss:

  • Why it’s ok to feel like there’s more to experience in your life than you have so far
  • The benefits of leaning into discomfort
  • Ways to step outside your comfort zone
  • What it’s like to live a nomadic life
  • Why our gifts don’t always need to make money
  • The inspiration behind She’s The Universe
  • How her parents attempt at starting ideas has inspired her
  • The importance of sharing our own stories and acknowledging that other people do care about our stories

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