Liz McQuiston: If You’re Not Living A Life You’re Happy In, Change It

I admire how Liz McQuiston consistently reshapes her life to create happiness for herself and those she loves. She’s the owner of the Seattle based lifestyle store Willa and founder of QA Marketplace, a collaborative retail space for women owned businesses.

In the time we’ve known each other, she’s shown me how it’s possible to change our course in life when we’re not happy with the direction we’re going. She’s shown how to successfully emerge on the other side, not just surviving, but thriving.

I’m so inspired by her story of being a single mom, meeting the love of her life, and him adopting her son. She’s never felt the need to apologize for redefining what her family and life look like.

In this episode, Liz McQuiston and I chat about:

  • Her journey as a single mother
  • How she met the love of her life
  • Why her husband adopted her son before marrying Liz
  • The golden life advice her grandmother gave her
  • The reasons why she felt she was unfixable
  • How to redefine what family is and how we should celebrate it
  • How she doesn’t believe that there’s “the one” for each of us and that we make choices every day to make each other be the one
  • Why therapy needs to be championed more among men

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