Mari Luangrath-Ullrick: 50% Of Married People Get Divorced But Nobody Talks About It

Mari Luangrath-Ullrick was a beacon of hope for me as I went through my divorce. She got divorced, remarried, and successfully blended two families together into a new family.

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, Mari’s situation isn’t uncommon. But that doesn’t make it any easier to live through.

Mari is the founder of Blend Rebels, a community that helps families around the world make blending families easier with less work, fewer tears, and less contention.

In this episode, Mari Luangrath-Ullrick and I chat about:

  • The moment she realized she wasn’t alone in getting a divorce and there were others out there going through the same thing
  • How becoming a parent completely defied her expectations for having a child
  • The ways her wildly successful cupcake business affected her marriage
  • Where her desire to create businesses comes from
  • How she felt the night of her first Thanksgiving post divorce
  • Why we need more inclusion for blended families and divorced partners
  • What she learned from a childhood of playing violin

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