Marsha Shandur: It’s Okay To Be Who You Are

Marsha Shandur has a beast who whispers in her ear every day. She used to try to quiet the voice but the voice kept coming back. She also realized she wasn’t the only one with this beast whispering. Many of us have this little voice in our head, trying to convince us that we aren’t good enough.

Marsha is on a mission to show us how to tame this voice and successfully co-exist with it. We’re then able to be who we are without fear of the voice tearing us down.

In this episode, Marsha Shandur and I discuss:

  • Why she believes there’s a beast whispering in our ears
  • Her preference for a flip phone rather than a smartphone
  • Her passion for making the world more accessible 
  • Why she write herself notes on her Christmas tree every year
  • Her favorite Christmas memory that she’s never told anyone about before
  • The strength of being alone

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