Meg McKeen: Let’s Just Be In The Time We Have Together

Meg McKeen got married, bought the house, and secured the well paying job. She felt like she was living life the way she was supposed to.

But when she turned 40, she took a deep breath and hit pause on her prescribed life. She quit her job and embarked on a journey to learn what the next chapter of her life should look like.

The one thing she knew for sure is that she wanted to just be. Be in the moment, be in the present, be in this time we have together.

It was time to be okay with uncertainty and the unknown.

In this episode, Meg McKeen and I discuss:

  • The ways Meg felt like she was living a prescribed life
  • Why she’s more comfortable building a business than a relationship
  • How taking a year off was a massive investment in her life
  • Why the next chapter of her life is uncertain but she’s totally ok with that
  • How we often diminish our greatness because of who we think we’re supposed to be
  • Her work on recognizing the control she has over certain things and letting go of what she doesn’t

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