Nicole Sachs: You Cannot Think Your Way Into Better Feelings

When Nicole Sachs was diagnosed with an abnormality of the spine called spondylolisthesis at age 19, she was told she’d never children. She would also need surgery and be on medication for the rest of her life.

Nicole was determined to change all of that. Through her work with Dr. John Sarno, she began to understand that you can’t just think your way out of chronic pain: you need to act your way there. 

Today, Nicole has three children, hasn’t had any surgeries, and isn’t on any medication.

In this episode, Nicole Sachs and I chat about:

  • The many reasons why our bodies physically hurt
  • How so many conditions don’t have an obvious origin
  • What are you willing to be curious about if you no longer want to suffer?
  • The ways that desperation leads to surrender and surrender leads to truth
  • How Nicole came to work with Dr. John Sarno
  • How our brain perceives repressed emotions as a greater threat than physical pain
  • What JournalSpeak is and how to use it to surface repressed emotions

You can learn more about Nicole Sachs and the many resources she offers at her website The Cure For Chronic Pain.

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