Paige Worthy: Let Go Of The Monkey Bars

“As we’re walking to the Metra for her to drop me off and send me back to the city. I noticed this stack of bracelets that she has on her arms, and they’re all cuffs and the open side of the cuff is facing toward me. There’s obviously something on the wrist side, and I asked her about them and she took one of them off. And the bracelet said ‘Let go of the monkey bars’. She gave it to me, and she said, if you want you can wear it like me so that that message is only for you. So that you’re the one who sees it every time you look down. And in that moment, ‘let go of the monkey bars’ meant you have to be willing to do the scary thing. Letting go of where you are now to swing forward and grab the next thing. So I wore that bracelet and let go of a LOT of monkey bars on this personal and professional playground. I wore that bracelet out and decided I’m literally going to put this on my body in ink because it is that important to me, to remember that taking chances is exciting and necessary and risky, but nearly always rewarding in some way.”

– Paige Worthy

Paige Worthy is smashing the patriarchy. She’s the person in the crowd who jumps up and makes her voice heard above all the noise. Her calling in life is to educate those around her on how to create equality and eradicate unjustness.

Well, that’s how I would describe her.

When I asked Paige how she would answer the question “Who are you?”, we talked about what it means to let go of the monkey bars, her experience singing a solo at a mass in Italy despite being an atheist, and how she overcame her initial hesitance to be too vulnerable on this podcast.

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