Pek Pongpaet: Why Can’t I Just Be Happy With This?

Pek Pongpaet didn’t take the agency he was building seriously in the early days.

The CEO felt the judging eyes of other entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

“Oh that’s cute! But what are you really working on?”

There was something bigger he was supposed to be chasing after. Something more real.

But his agency was attracting more clients and getting more work.

It WAS bigger.

It WAS real.

Why couldn’t he just be happy with that?

In this episode, Impekable CEO Pek Pongpaet and I discuss:

  • Why Pek felt like his business wasn’t serious compared to what other people were working on
  • Why he’s always chasing the next shiny thing
  • The importance of providing stability for his tribe
  • His techniques to do fewer things better
  • How he got into the martial art Wushu and performing for the Mortal Kombat video games
  • Why he relates to the Regret Minimization Framework from Jeff Bezos
  • How he thinks about work life integration

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