Shane Snow: We Get Better At This By Asking For Help

Late at night on the worst day of his life, Shane Snow found himself with nowhere to sleep. He was homeless.

He had just gotten divorced, things were shaky financially, and he hadn’t asked anybody for help yet. He was still pretending that everything was fine.

Everything changed after Shane finally asked his friends for help. He learned that he didn’t have to pretend anymore and there was no weakness in asking for help.

Shane Snow is the author of multiple books, including Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart. In this episode, Shane and I discuss:

  • What he learned about himself on the worst day of his life
  • His New Years resolution for getting better at sitting through discomfort
  • How growing up with a lot of siblings affected his view of teamwork
  • What changed in his life that made him more comfortable asking for help
  • How we can give others the gift of helping by asking for their help
  • The enormous impact one memorable high school teacher had on Shane’s life
  • Why he chooses impact over power or money
  • Why he kept a journal chronicling the lies he found himself telling

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