Shannon Downey: Changing The World Doesn’t Have To Be Epic

In June 2020, Shannon Downey gave up her job, sold all of her possessions, bought an RV, and began traveling the United States as a nomadic craftivist.

Shannon is here to remind us how simple it can be to change the world. It doesn’t have to be epic. Changing the world can be as simple as a single moment or action.

In this episode, Shannon Downey and I discuss:

  • The money and power course she took with a dominatrix, and the clarity she derived from that class
  • Why she has a personal board of directors in her life
  • How she’s been forced to pace her learning in this chapter of her life
  • The million lives she’s lived and how they’ve all shaped who she is today
  • Why she moves on to the next thing once she feels like she’s learned all she can from the current chapter of her life
  • How she saved the unfinished quilt from a 99 year-old quilter with the help of over 1,000 people around the world

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